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11 Ways Story Time Chess Will Help You Make the Most of Your Time at Home

11 Ways Story Time Chess Will Help You Make the Most of Your Time at Home

11 Ways Story Time Chess Will Help You Make the Most of Your Time at Home

Can you feel it, parents? Change is in the air. Hope is rising. A new and, dare we say, possibly better normal is on the horizon. With covid cases dropping and vaccine numbers on the up and up, the world looks brighter every day.  
We have officially hit the one-year pandemic mark. While the world is starting to open up, many of us are still staying home and looking for ways to make this time with our families feel fresh and engaging. Our months of socially distanced indoor life may be coming to an end, but we know many of you are looking for ways to make the most of it. Perhaps even end it on a high note!
Want to make the most of these days at home with your family? 
We have the answer! Toy of the Year Winner Story Time Chess!

Story Time Chess is a board game that teaches chess to children using silly stories, vibrant illustrations, custom chess pieces, and a unique chessboard. The stories and supporting materials communicate the rules of chess to children ages three and up in a way that makes learning chess fun and straightforward. Best of all, no chess experience is required for parents or children to learn.
1. Clear the fog and engage the brain.
We can all agree that pandemic brain fog is a genuine struggle these days.  Brain cells need daily stimulation and challenging exercises to function at the highest possible level. 
Without our typical social and work activities, not to mention daily travel and routine tasks, our brains have all become a bit less functional. 
Games are the ideal way to strengthen brain engagement, and chess is a fantastic option for a rigorous mental workout. Chess develops and challenges both the right and left sides of your brain equally.

 If we are going to work that brain, we better exercise both sides, right? The left, the more analytical side of the brain, is looking for the next logical move. The right, more creative side seeks out patterns and new possibilities. Story Time Chess brings it all together! By communicating the rules of chess through creative storytelling, our lessons encourage both creative and logical thinking!
Story Time Chess takes this one step further by incorporating creativity into the game! Our engaging stories and fun friends help children learn the rules and relate to the game, all while listening to a magical tale. 
2. Remember when learning was fun?
We know children and parents are missing classroom learning. While we are all thankful for our online class options, let’s agree that zoom fatigue is a real thing! 
Children miss gaining knowledge alongside their peers, and learning may be losing its luster for many families.

Exploring a new game together encourages a “learning is fun” attitude for your family. Playing Story Time Chess alongside your children will help them remember just how fun and satisfying mastering a new skill can be! Take turns reading the stories and challenge each other to a weekly game as you learn! 
Each chess piece has its own story and exercises that explain how the piece moves in a fun, silly, memorable way. What could be more fun than that? 
Scheduling weekly games will give your child a sense of accomplishment, family connection, and joy while creating a weekly ritual and positive feelings around learning in your home.  
3. Confidence is key.
As we all venture back out into the world and our routines, we may feel a little unsteady. While children will feel excited to be back at school, the transition from our year of keeping apart will undoubtedly be a tricky one. We will all need a little confidence kick!

Learning a new skill boost confidence, raises self-esteem, and cultivates a joy for learning new skills. Incorporating Story Time Chess into your weekly routine is a great way to encourage your child to learn something new and feel pride in doing so! We are all emerging from this pandemic as new people; why not rejoin the world as a confident chess player?
4. Parents need playtime too.
Parents, we see you! We know this past year has been incredibly stressful. The pressures of balancing online school, working from home, and keeping yourself and your loved ones happy and healthy during a global pandemic are HEAVY! We could all do with a bit of playtime! Taking a break from the adult anxiety of this present moment and indulging in some activities with your child is a great way to give yourself a much-needed break for fun!

Story Time Chess is designed for parents and children to learn the game together; no previous chess experience necessary! Take a break from the worry and lose yourself in tales from Chesslandia as you and your family learn how to become master chess players!
5. Got stress? Solve it with chess!
This year has been stressful for both parents and children. Even in the best of situations, children internalize changes in their daily lives and carry that anxiety into life. 
“Experiencing pandemic life, even for those who are financially stable and comfortable in their homes, is exposing people to microdoses of unpredictable stress all the time,” said Tina Franklin, a neuroscientist at Georgia Tech.

We are all living with daily low-key stress, which contributes to changes in the brain. Sections that control learning, executive function and memory are all inhibited by the life changes we have been forced to make. 
Taking the time to relax into a chess game is a healthy distraction from the daily anxiety surrounding us. Lose yourself in a Story Time Chess game or puzzle, and you may find that stress to be a little more manageable!
6. Make meaningful memories.
We will all emerge from this time at home with compelling memories, both positive and negative. Playing a game together is a perfect opportunity to create constructive and beautiful family memories for years to come. 
Learning together creates a bond that children will carry with them into adulthood. Wouldn’t it be excellent for your family to look back and remember this year at home as the time you all learned how to play an epic game of chess together? 
7. Plan for the future.
We are all longing for the future. We want in-person learning, families gathered together for the holidays, and children crowded around a birthday cake, all singing at the top of their lungs. We are all dreaming about the days to come, and suddenly they are feeling within our reach! Incrouparting plans for the future into our daily routine is incredibly beneficial for our mental health. As you and your family create memories and learn a new skill, why not make hopeful plans for the future while you’re at it?

Encourage other families to learn chess together and plan a neighborhood chess tournament when it’s safe to gather! Giving your child a goal to work towards will help your child understand that our lives will not always be so strangely isolated. 
8. Keep close across the miles!
Many families have stayed distanced from grandparents, and other elderly or health compromised friends and family members during this time. Keeping a child engaged and communicating with a long-distance relative can be stressful after a lengthy day of online learning. 
Story Time Chess is the perfect long-distance activity! Supply your family member with a copy of Story Time Chess and schedule a weekly game night or puzzle date!

We know this time at home has been incredibly isolating for the elderly, leading to severe mental and physical health issues. Chess has a proven added benefit for senior citizens both mentally and emotionally!
9. Put down the pieces and pick up a pencil.
The Story Time Chess experience is all-encompassing! We now offer an activity book as a perfect tool for reinforcing the curriculum with your child. Our puzzle book teaches children how to analyze and solve 36 chess puzzles with their Story Time Chess Pals’ help.

Our coloring book and sticker packs engage the creative side of Story Time Chess, allowing your child to flex the imaginative right side of the brain. 
10. Oh, what a year.
This year has been one of a kind. As we reflect on this year of pandemic life, we are all looking to remember the good moments between fear and uncertainty. The time at home will not last forever, and while we will all be incredibly thankful to be back in the real world, we do want to feel we spent our time wisely and well!

Learning a new skill together as a family is a perfect way to give your family’s year meaning and a sense of accomplishment. Story Time Chess makes learning fun for both children and adults! And never fear, our game requires no chess experience for parents!
11. Take a virtual class.
Story Time Chess is now offering online chess classes on the virtual platform Tutor Carrot! 
Our classes feature the same fun and engaging characters as the Story Time Chess award-winning board game and curriculum taught by world-class live tutors. Students can enroll in level 1 for piece and game mechanics and level 2 for strategy and planning.

A Story Time Chess class is a great way to learn the rules and mechanics of chess alongside children from all over the country! 
There you have it! 11 ways Story Time Chess will help you make the most of your time at home with your family! We love when you share photos and video of your family learning chess together, we would love to see these ideas in action! [/et_pb_text][et_pb_button button_url="" button_text="Get your Copy of Story Time Chess Today!" _builder_version="4.5.3" _module_preset="default"][/et_pb_button][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]