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Fortify Your Child's Mental Health

Today's kids need more support for mental, emotional, and social health (MESH) than ever before and connecting with family or friends across the game board is a fantastic way to support the MESH-boosting skills listed here, all while having fun!



"[Story Time Chess] has our two children playing and loving chess! We're proud to have it in our home, and think every child should be learning Chess."

-Hugh Jackman, Actor and Parent

"I really like the curriculum! Teaching kids to recognize patterns, understand action and consequence, as early as age three, is valuable training whether they go on to play chess or not. I started at 6, but if I'd had the opportunity, I would have started younger. It should be available to children everywhere."

-Wesley So, Former U.S. Chess Champion

Chess is such an important game for kids to learn. If you are interested in getting your tots involved, check out [Story Time Chess]."

-David Burtka, Actor & Parent

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