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Chess Workbook Level 1 Bundle

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Activity Workbook ($9.99)

Our Activity Workbook is filled with creative and engaging exercises that focus on writing, spelling, rhyming, and more! It’s the perfect tool for reinforcing our story-based curriculum.

42 pages of fun and colorful activities:

  • Chess puzzles
  • Writing exercises
  • Spelling exercises
  • Shape recognition
  • Word recognition
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Trace the numbers
  • True and false questions


Coloring Book ($9.99)

Story Time Chess has turned each chess piece into a fun lovable character in a magical world called Chesslandia.

Now your child gets to color in all their favorite Story Time Chess scenes and characters featuring the whole gang from our story-based curriculum.

Puzzle Workbook: Book 1 ($12.99)

My First Puzzle Book: Little Critters Make Big Moves takes readers through a day in the life of Earl the Squirrel.

Intent on winning a game against King Chomper, Earl picks up tips, tricks, and tactics from a host of Chesslandia characters.

My First Puzzle Book puts kids in the driver’s seat as they help Earl the Squirrel analyze and solve 36 chess puzzles, all through the lens of a fun, engaging story about friendship and perseverance.