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Story Time Chess at School


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Story Time Chess at School is a unique and innovative program that brings the world of chess to young children through the power of storytelling. Our curriculum is designed to engage and captivate students from the surprising age of 3, making learning chess a fun and enjoyable experience. Make your school stand out.

Make your school stand out. 

Partnering with Story Time Chess at School helps your school to stand out and make itself unique in your market. There's something very impactful about parents seeing 3-6 year olds playing Chess. 

Benefits of licensing Story Time Chess at School:

  • Engages students from the age of 3 and up
  • Develops critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Enhances decision-making abilities
  • Aligns with early childhood education standards
  • Integrates seamlessly into existing curriculum
  • Comprehensive lesson plans and teacher resources
  • Support materials for a successful implementation

Join the growing number of schools that have embraced Story Time Chess at School and see the positive impact it can have on your students. 

Story Time Learning

Our Story

Since 2018, Story Time Learning has made it possible for young kids to master tricky games like chess, all through the power of storytelling.

Founded and headquartered In New York City, Story Time Learning grew out of a chess tutoring service called Chess at Three, which continues to be a proving ground for our innovative, story-driven curricula.

From a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund Story Time Chess, to winning a 2021 Toy of the Year Award, to the recent launch of Story Time Backgammon in 2023, Story Time Learning has been committed to serving customers fun, engaging games that stimulate whole-child development and bring families together across the game board.