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7 Reasons Why Story Time Chess is the Ideal August Activity

7 Reasons Why Story Time Chess is the Ideal August Activity

7 Reasons Why Story Time Chess is the Ideal August Activity

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Ah, the lazy days of summer. Whether you're lying on the beach, floating in the pool, or cuddling up beside that central air, I think we can all agree that these sweet summer months just can't be beaten!

But many parents may be feeling that pesky summer slump! The poolside activities have grown tiresome, and you may be looking for new and intellectually stimulating activities for your family.

We have the answer! August is the perfect time to introduce your child to Story Time Chess! Our custom chess set, line of workbooks, expansion packs, and online classes make learning chess engaging and fun!

Check out the seven reasons why Story Time Chess is the perfect August activity!

1. Break with tradition.

We all understand the importance of traditional learning throughout the school year. The classroom provides not only academic opportunities but life and social lessons as well.

But let's not underestimate the importance of taking a break and switching up your child's learning style when possible!

Story Time Chess takes traditional learning and flips it on its head, helping children understand why a chess piece moves a certain way. Summer is a fantastic time for your child to experience this out-of-the-box style of learning! 

Nontraditional learning can reinvigorate your child's thirst for knowledge and help them understand that learning can be fun and joyous!

Summer is the perfect time for nontraditional learning, and Story Time Chess is as nontraditional as they come! 

Story Time Chess transforms each chess piece into a memorable character using storytelling and creative play! Our lessons revolve around fun characters with quirky qualities that help children understand how the pieces move and why. Your child will master their chess moves while meeting new chess friends and listening to silly tales from Chesslandia!

2. Learning is fun again!

While some students may be jumping for joy at the thought of getting back in the classroom, many children dread the return of school schedules and evening homework. Story Time Chess is a great way to remind your child that learning is fun! Our curriculum brings a sense of creativity and joy to each lesson, reminding your summer-loving child just how exciting it is to master a new skill.

Learning alongside their peers is another way to remind children just how fun it can be to use their brains. Organize a Story Time Chess game with friends or sign up for an online class via TutorCarrot and let the super fun games begin!

3. Let your imagination fly. 

Summer is the ideal time to let your child's creativity and imagination run wild! We fully embrace that, and creativity is at the very heart of what we do.

Story Time Chess encourages creative movement, art, singing, and more as our students learn to play and love the game of chess.

One moment you may find your child doing "Chessercises" and moving around the yard one step at a time, like King Chomper. The next moment they may be exploring their chess "Secret Missions" or even creating their own chess stories!

Our coloring book puts creativity at the forefront of every lesson! We encourage children to think about each chess character and how they move as they explore their creative side and color in their new chess friends. 

Get your copy today and nurture your child's inner artist as they learn how to play chess. What a perfect way to engage both sides of your child's brain at once!

4. Make new friends...

Now more than ever, we understand the importance of friendship for children. Playing chess together is a beautiful way to bolster your child’s peer relationships and help them learn to play well with others.

Are you looking to expand your child's social network? Sign up for an online chess class via TutorCarrot! We offer live, engaging, online courses for ages three and up. All our classes are taught by inspiring educators who work hard to keep every child learning and having fun! 

A TutorCarrot class is an excellent way for your child to meet other young chess players around the country! Encourage your child to expand their chess knowledge and their horizons as they meet and learn about kids from all over the USA!

 We offer four unique levels, and there is a perfect fit for every chess player!

5. ...but keep the old friends, too!

Story Time Chess is a great way to reconnect with school friends! Why not invite your child's upcoming class over for a story and a chess game? Planning a few learning-centered social events before the school year starts is a great way to get your child excited to learn and get back in the classroom. Learning a new skill together creates a connection between children that will last a lifetime!

6. Get that brain ready to go back to school.

Did you know that playing chess is a literal workout for your brain? Pretty impressive, right? Regular chess games increase memory strength, improve concentration and flex logical thinking. While summer is a great time to let your child relax their brain and explore interests outside the classroom, many parents find it helpful to find one or two ways to start re-engaging their child's mental abilities before heading back to school.

Story Time Chess is an ideal way to stimulate your child's brain while keeping that mental exercise fun and fresh. Your child will hear our engaging stories and seamlessly associate the storytelling with the rules of the game. They will find themselves playing and loving chess, all while enjoying a story! Slipping in a bit of learning is the perfect way to keep summer brains ready for the fall.

Are you already playing and loving Story Time Chess? Sign up for an online chess class via TutorCarrot!

7. Summertime is family time!

Summer is the perfect moment to learn a new skill as a family. Between school, extracurricular activities, playdates, and weekend plans, the school year can feel wild! The summer months are an excellent time to start a family game night tradition, one that will carry over into the rest of the year! Family game night encourages creative play and creates the space for kids and parents to bond over a shared experience.

Playing a game that encourages learning is a great way to incorporate educational play into your child's life in a fun, non-stressful way. Story Time Chess sharpens critical thinking, encourages thoughtful planning, enhances math skills, hones verbal abilities, boosts emotional intelligence, and increases IQ. All while they are having fun! Yes, please!

For some parents, chess is a new and exciting game, with added mental benefits for adults and children alike. For other parents, Story Time Chess is a great way to relearn an activity in a fun way! 


Ready to make your August sizzle with a game of Story Time Chess or online classes? Get your copy and sign up today!


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