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Story Time Chess is a Complete Learning System

Story Time Chess is a Complete Learning System

Story Time Chess is a Complete Learning System

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Hey, parents! Are you in hot pursuit of the perfect activity for your child? You are not alone! 

Now, more than ever, families are searching for educational tools that stimulate their child's growth, personal interests, and social development. 

We all know the importance of extracurricular activities, right? Arts, athletics, clubs, personal commitments, and other pursuits are vital for your child's mental and social growth. 

Group activities encourage social engagement and stimulation. And who doesn't love seeing their child enjoy activities with their pals?

kids saying good game

It is exciting to see the vast range of classes, activities, and offerings on the market for today's child! There is truly something for everyone. 

But we all know that unlimited choices are often more difficult! In his well-known work, The Paradox of Choice: Why More Is Less, psychologist Barry Schwartz calls this feeling choice paralysis. He argues that more choices make us less likely to take action and more likely to be unsatisfied with our eventual decision. More options are leaving us worse off than when we started!

Choice paralysis can feel crippling to many parents. How will your child respond to a certain activity? Is your family gaining the full benefit of the venture? Is this choice the right option financially, or will other classes yield a better outcome for your child? Will this class encourage your child's ever-growing interest or push them towards a different path? 

How did extracurricular activities become so stressful? Well, we are here to ease some of that choice paralysis for you!

Story Time Chess

By enrolling your child in Story Time Chess’s complete learning system, you can rest easy knowing you have made the most empowering choice for your child's educational and social growth. You and your family would be joining a 1,500-year-old club filled with chess players! 

Educators and scholars have long touted the benefits of chess. A weekly chess game can improve memory skills, elevate creative thinking, strengthen logic skills, and encourage strategic planning. 

Furthermore, chess is often used as a positive form of creative therapy, helping people build healthier relationships and increase their self-awareness.

Thinking about next move

These benefits are imperative for children. For years, kids began their chess education around ages seven to ten. It was widely believed that children younger than age seven could not grasp the complex concepts, patterns, and strategies involved in the game.

Story Time Chess decided to change that narrative! We believe in starting chess education as early as age three! 

How, you ask?

Story Time Chess is a board game that teaches chess to young children using silly stories, vibrant illustrations, custom chess pieces, and a unique chessboard. The stories and supporting materials communicate the rules of chess to children ages three and up in a way that makes learning chess fun, simple, and straightforward. Best of all, no chess experience is required for parents or children to learn!

story time chess

Story Time Chess is the perfect way to incorporate reading, imagination, and creative play into the strategic game of chess. Our game is the ideal addition to family game night, after-school activities, or a playdate with friends!

This year, Story Time Chess won the coveted Toy of the Year People’s Choice Award! It has been an honor and a privilege to watch so many of you learn to play and love chess using our story-based system!

But wait, there’s more! Are you ready to take your chess education one step further? 

Story Time Chess now proudly offers online classes via Tutor Carrot!

online lesson

Our Webby Award-winning platform is an all-in-one system encompassing video learning, group classes, and interactive storytelling. Story Time Chess online classes are a one-stop, parent- and kid-friendly learning environment! Parents log on at the time of the class, pass the computer to their child, and let the learning begin! Our best-in-class educators are passionate about what they do, creating a fun and engaging learning environment for every student. 

online chess class

Our online curriculum takes your child's chess education a step further with three different level offerings. Our Level 1 class explores piece and game mechanics and makes the perfect chess introduction. Level 2 dives into strategy and higher-level rules while exploring opening sequences and effective planning. Level 3 students investigate piece valuation, sportsmanship, and the natural grit all chess players gain as they experience winning and losing. 

We encourage our chess players to take part in both aspects of our complete learning system. 

A weekly online class via Tutor Carrot is the perfect way to engage your child in a lifelong love of chess and the skills that accompany it.

online chess lesson

Between classes, Story Time Chess: The Game is the ideal way to supplement your child's education! 

Pull out the chessboard and check in with your child on the chess piece or skill they learned that day. A weekly game of chess, outside of your child's tutor carrot class, will strengthen their skills and get them ready to roll into the following week's class with confidence! 

child and parent playing

Are you looking for more? Story Time Chess also offers vibrant, engaging activity and puzzle books to further instill what your child is learning in class!


Using our complete learning system, parents can rest easy knowing they have made the correct choice for their child. 

Story Time Chess gets kids playing and loving chess through storytelling. We have been working to equip children with learning tools and life skills since 2006. 

From in-home and in-school tutoring to releasing our innovative board game, our fun approach and silly cast of characters have been at the forefront of early education. We can't wait to have you aboard!

Story Time Chess Game + Workbooks + Stickers Bundle




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